Our Gor Mania

It will never end this our Gor mania
For so long we salute our Gor Mahia…

Gor Mayienga, Gor Taya! Gor wuon Timbe, Gor Sirkal!
Gor Mahia of many grand names it is you I mull.

K’Ogalo Gor the pride of all Jotelo
Mightier than the dream from K’Ogelo…

Just see how we all go gaga
As Gor shakes the Kenyan Liga…

K’Ogalo Gorliciously snacks Sofapaka for brunch,
The Green Army munchs on Ingwe for lunch.

Gor the craze of men’s longing,
Gor the crave of women’s blushing…

And so in every victory lovers in a Gor tango pet
Giving forth yet another GORlet.

Oh, this sweet Gor mania will never die I swear
So long as the mighty badge of Gor Mahia we wear!

© Oluoch-Madiang’.


One response to this post.

  1. Kogalo green 4eva..we must work harder 2 maintain the colour.


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