Donkey Soldier

Donkey soldier
Chewing miraa in a pop-out cheek.
Ragtag messenger of a swindler merchant –
What killjoy crusade is this you have enlisted for?

I see you seeking paradise tactless: creeping under your purchased ass,
Searching for me.
To soil my freedom. To spill my blood.
Sleep-starved donkey soldier,
Can’t you see you are the looker, I am the watcher.

Not seeing your watcher, you retreat to mull a vain reward…
Contemplating how to turn 72 virgins into ladies of sin;
Beautiful. Perpetual. Heavenly. Black-eyed.
Punda soldier seeking my blood, umedanganywa!

Look at you now. On heat…panting in the heat:
And believing you are unseen,
Pleasuring yourself 72 times atop a desert buur
Pity! Shabby guerrilla of a phony Shabaab calling.
What paradise is this you imagine separate from Eastleigh’s utopia?
What libido-wonderland of yoked virgins? No.
Not with my blood…

Well now, commencing your 73rd hand job…and having watched you,
My patience is run low and I train my 72mm barrel on you…
I see you approaching exclamation. You care not see me now.
I press the trigger and…Bang. Rat-a-tat-tat ragtag.
Take that!

Maybe your cheated phallus finds solace in 72, 000°C hellfire.
Bang, bang…Kwaheri.


*Donkey: The Al-Shabaab were reported to transport their arsenal using donkeys.
*Miraa: A chewable stimulant grown commercially in Kenya’s Eastern Province.
*Punda: Swahili for ‘donkey’.
*Umedanganywa: Swahili for, ‘you have been cheated’.
*Buur: Somali for ‘hill’.
*Kwaheri: Swahili for ‘Farewell’.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Well done! You are using your poetry gun to fight this rag rag force! It is humorous and sad at teh same time.


  2. Posted by marcus on November 10, 2011 at 16:49

    kudos! A nice operation linda nchi poem.


  3. Interesting read, you are a master with your pen and words.


  4. Posted by Ssuki on November 29, 2011 at 12:20

    Hmm, yaani umemtoshanisha kabisa ontop of his buur.
    Well delivered Madd. I like the feeling; of sadness, anger, finality, next!


  5. Hahahaha…. If they read this, they’d gladly issue a fatwa on your head!


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