The Driver

(In memory of the ones that left us; snatched away from the roads)

Heaven, we have arrived at these Pearly Gates unscheduled.

(We had hired the driver to take us home

But, determined to eat up the road

Before the other drivers finished it ahead of him,

Our driver hurtled down the highway-

Commanding the rubber to hog down the tarmac.)

For in his thrill with greed, the driver we hired missed our home.



5 responses to this post.

  1. Funny, weird. My neighbour passed on two days ago. Her husband was driving. She was pregnant, she was the only one who died. Huge loss. Too shocked to even pass by and say pole. I cannot even look at their window without feeling a horrible sense of sadness.


  2. @Akhatenje that is very sad. She was pregnant? Oh Jesus, I can’t even begin to imagine that tragedy. Very sad. May God comfort you and that family. Woooi.


  3. Posted by Evelyne on February 11, 2012 at 18:31

    May the gates of heaven be opened to them n may they rest in peace.


  4. It’s easy to forget that there’s enough for everyone. where the heck was the driver running to?


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