The Queer Wealth of the Short-Tempered Lord

He was the Lord of many lands –
Fives of hundreds of thousands of hectares of savannahs
and molehills
and waters
and serpents.
Not even the Empire in her vastness boasted such claim.

More lands had he than the hairs of a wild bush; so much,
Delamere’s Thoroughbreds couldn’t have run the lengths
Of his See in two seasons of horse-mating.
With Viagra even.

And yet, poor man, pitiable Prince!
His temper was snipped short, the size under millimetres
And lost within his expanse of soils
amongst the molehills
amongst the waters
amongst the serpents.

What does it benefit a man to command so many soils,
And yet not have enough
To trade for the length
Of even just five centimetres of temper?



3 responses to this post.

  1. Madd’ I like the way you use words though sometimes, not all of them- due to my upbringing-where some words are not spoken in public (read Zuma’s post on FB). However, this is fading away since I joined the Reproductive Health Practice (World). Not all are talented in joining words to make a strong but satirical meaning, so I would call it, for no better way to explain it…in reference to the latest- The Queer Wealth of Lord One. The Lord talked about in the poem must have had superb appetite for virgin land. Land of plenty-birds, crawling and walking creation. Yes fertile land-leafy, green, and never ending flowing natural liquid in meandering streams. Put the fastest horse on its mark…trigger ‘the go’ gun as the stopwatch starts the countdown- soon the steam runs out and horse retires before even an eighth of the soil- yes fertile soil is covered. Remember it’s the prize winning horse! Poor horse….what a vast size of fertile soil. The ‘poor’ riches owner can’t stop a ‘sunami’ targeted at him. The fertile vast soils with all therein, rolled together cannot hide the five minute emotionally guided decision to relocate the poor ‘poor’ original owner- turned current landless. Not even after many years of peace six feet under. Ohoo! How nature can conspire to teach a lesson- yes big lesson to the ‘seedling’. Moral lesson- ‘grabiosis’ is an infectious disease- it will follow upto the 4th generation. Prevent it from attacking your offsprings many years after you are departed.


  2. Great! A well penned metaphorical literature. I like it.


  3. Presidential Debate inspiration. Short fuse temper. That is is spot on. You should have added the refusal to disclose the total acreage being tantamount to willing debate host, willing denial.


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