Right from the start
It is not even hilarious to watch pigs patting themselves on
the back after eating pigs.

Imagine, you laugh out loud yourself like a pig
At the pigs and their pork. Yet,
You’ve to give it to the eating pigs, really – wolves
Properly costumed in pigskin and pigspeak –
They fattened the pigs anyway,
Rounded them into a sty as homies & fried them in their own fat.

It shouldn’t be comical this hog-hog hogging
& soon you stop laughing like a pig
As you watch pigs stampede for a place on pig’s platter,
Squealing in delight at being supper. Excited
That they’ll be cannibalized, with kachumbari and pepper sauce even!

Now imagine – if you are not a pig –
That these foolish swine refuse to accept
That they’ll come from the cannibal’s backhole
As pigshit.


© Oluoch-Madiang‘, 2013


One response to this post.

  1. in the nature of pigs.Sadly they enjoy being as they are and even endevour to outdo each other…


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