I Warn You God

I warn you God.

These hundred-tongued noises of praise &
Spittles of anointing will
Trigger heavenquakes of magnitudes that hell
Has never shook.
& God as you tumble earthwards popeyed, don’t
Imagine those hands & arms raised two million miles below you are feather pillows. Don’t
Sigh in relief of hallelujah sponginess.

I don’t know if you & heaven’s debris, (& your coffee, & your pills, & your Greatwall T.V., & your goggles)
Will plunge down facefirst, or bowelfirst, or bumfirst, but watch out, those
Hands you see down raised up are no pious  cushions.
Oh my God they are pangas.

& double-million unmanicured mikuki & mishale &
Daggers. Unruly swords & visu:
Upturned fork-jembes concealed in a beckon to ‘green our grass these sides’ –
See, applauding traps set to arrest
The ten-point-eight on Ritcher’s Scale of your divine thud.

God you are toppling, down
God you are toppling, down
God you are toppling, down
Tetanus fingernails & javelin hands await you, down:

Psyching to scramble for heaven’s falling sofa set & towels & chumvi.

I say, make contigency plans before you are airbone, flightless.
What are you God, 98? 146? Retired? Better
Grow wings, guy.
Or parachutes.
Something, some vaccine.
Or make friends even, even if with
A billion strong-winged green flies.

You are forewarned.

© Oluoch-Madiang’, 2014


2 responses to this post.

  1. One of your greatest pieces. Very pious (though many Africans won’t understand – Jews will however), powerful, smashing.

    The tone is very prophetic, incidentally. They were like that. Not an easy job for God to handle and herd them.


  2. Posted by Wachira on August 20, 2014 at 12:31



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