Pigs, reason has left you for
A good reason: you are piggoted! You are the starring
Pigs across Uhuru Highway asking why
The pig crossed the road: well, it was
Bottom-less alright, panting to hog Kenya. There across
Uhuru Highway, moneypigs think bila suruali, yes,
Nitbrains pondering deep motions, mmmmmh,
‘How best to thwart misreligous murderers from Kismayo’s charcoal bushes?’

Aaaaah, pig-filth moment: Eureka!
Hurry, lock up all citizens in Kamiti’s pits for, maybe,
Spindly tongues
Scattering legs
Selfie corpses profile photos
War of terror for war against terror:
When Kismayo’s barbarians come acrusading,
No Kenyan skull will be in sight to debrain,
All secure in Kamiti’s terror-shelter, yes?

Pigs across Uhuru Highway fingering each,
Maybe you shelve intra-terror for now? (oh sorry,
But reason left you).
How about then, bila suruali, unreasonably,
You bend over patriotically, yes, on Mandera’s open fields and
Scare the shit off the shabby butchers with
Your filth and raised middle finger? Squeal
Them off to deep, deep ocean of Indians?
Yes? They too abhor pigs, yes?


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