The Governor – ‘His Excellency the Busy Schedules’ – has hurried
from inside his two whores
in 48 spinning wheels of Bridgestone All-Terrain
to personally hand over his 5,000 shillings condolences
and wipe away tears from the bereaved.

Children of the funeral scamper from the Bridgestones’ rumbles of terror
and H.E. the Governor is tickled at how the multiple pairs of their grey,
bare buttocks tumble.
“Pilot”, the Governor horselaughs at his 2nd-hand-wrinkle-suited driver, “you used to be this
butt-naked in your shack, from where I saved you from! Yes?”

5,000 shillings and a blah, blah, blah, speech later, His Excellency chases back his urgent schedules,
speeding those screeching All-Terrains away, and into his duo of ever-ready squeezes.
“Show me your buttocks”, the Governor orders,
and proceeds to inspect County ‘development projects’
to determine their supplementary budget needs.

Oluoch-Madiang’, 2015


One response to this post.

  1. The abuse of office taking place in most counties is appalling. In the spirit of ‘Building the Nation’ at the county level; integrity has been thrown out of the window. And the story of MCAs and their unbridled avarice is a poem for another day.


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